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Children's plants | Kids Plants

Children's plants | Kids Plants   

Make a mini garden masterpiece with your little one and let your imagination go wild!!

Almost fill a tray or pot with potting mix (or make your own mixture of compost, sand and peat moss.) 

A jar lid covered in aluminium foil makes a good pond. Make a hole in the potting mix and press the lid down so the sides cannot be seen.  Put some little flat stones around the edge. Let them poke over the sides into the "pond" a bit.

Mound the potting mix up in a couple of places, make little raised beds surrounded by stones, group some bigger stones to look like boulders, make a winding little path with flat pebbles, sand or fine mulch.

Plants with tiny leaves will look best, including Baby's Tears, Pratia, Kennilworth Ivy, thyme, moss and tiny tree or shrub seedlings will all look great. Succulents are terrific too.

Get creative with a theme, make a scary dinosaur land, enchanted wood or fairy secret garden!! 

The garden will dry out quickly, so you must water it every day. A spray bottle filled with water will help you keep the garden moist.

Keep your garden in a brightly-lit place where the water can drain through easily.

check out these amazing mini gardens, let your 
imagination go wild!!!  



Grow a Sunflower and be on the sunny side of the street!!!

Childrens Plants and Kids for Plants

Kids love growing plants so why not make it something bold, bright and beautiful?

Sunflowers come in many different varieties, colours and sizes from miniature to giant so pick up your favorite seeds and let get growing!

 Getting kids interested in gardening is easy, especially if they can grow their own sunflowers. Sunflower seeds are big enough for small fingers to take hold of and plant in the soil. Planting sunflowers gives kids a way to learn and watch seeds germinate and how they grow. Depending on the type of sunflowers you and the children are planting, the mature flowers can be left to dry and the seeds eaten for food by people and birds that frequent your garden. Have your children plant sunflower seeds in peat pots, because sunflowers do not transplant well. Start the sunflowers indoors, then plants them in a garden, where the peat pots will decompose in the soil. 

Grow your own kids sunflower

1 Cut open the bag of potting soil, and have each child fill their own peat pot with soil.

2 Show the children how to stick their finger into the soil to make a hole. Make sure the holes are about 1/2 inch deep, or up to their first knuckle.

3 Give each child take one sunflower seed, and instruct them to put it into the hole and cover the seed with soil.

4 Guide the children in writing their name with a marker on a stick and putting the stick in their pot.Children Growing a Sunflower in a pot

5 Model for your children how to gently water a sunflower pot, and let them water their own. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy wet.
6 Guide your children in placing their pot in a tray or flat, and put it in a sunny window.
Planting and watering childrens plantsOnce you have a nice sturdy seedling find a good sunny spot in the garden for it where the kids can take care of it and watch their love and attention work wonders.
For Child friendly gardening supplies including seeds and tools Yellow moon have a whole host of stuff for the budding young gardener, just click on the link below:



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Children's plants | Kids Plants
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